People of Faith for a Green New Deal

Thanks to the visionary and fearless leadership of thousands of young people, the Green New Deal is making climate action the priority it needs to be.  These young people are terrified about the future and angry that those in power have not had the courage to address the problem.

They have turned their fear and anger into action by calling for a Green New Deal that offers a vision, urgency and ambition that matches the crisis we face.  It centers the moral values that are at the heart of our religious and spiritual traditions: love, justice, and compassion.  It lifts up visionary policy solutions that will address the critical issues of our time. It moves us towards a flourishing future for all people.  It protects Earth, our common home.

Tens of thousands of people are standing together to show our elected officials that support for values-driven action is strong, and that now is the time for leadership.

GreenFaith is proud to support the Green New Deal. The time is now. Will you add your voice?
YES! I will join the movement together with people of all faiths and spiritualities in supporting the Green New Deal!
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